Théâtre de Liège, Liège, 1882

Martiny (p. 455) affirms that Galli-Marié was in Liège for 7 weeks during which she sang 10 performances, including Mignon, Charles VI and Les Dragons de Villars, but does not say how many performances she gave of Carmen.

Grand-Théâtre, Bordeaux, 1880

4 performances: 25 & 27 February, 1 & 8 March 1880. Other singers: Lefranc (F), Thonon (Mer), Lacan (DanC), Descamps (R), Reudont (Mor), Joinnisse (Z), Marchand (LP). Galli-Marié also sang in Mignon and Les Dragons de Villars while in Bordeaux.

Grand-Théâtre, Lyon, 1882

3 performances: 18, 20 & 29 January 1882. The Nouvelliste de Lyon gives La Fille du Régiment in its listing for 29 January 1882 and not Carmen. It also mentions a M. Marris (saying he has no voice left) but without mentioning which role he sings (Remendado? See Bordeaux, 1878). Read more…


Opéra-Comique, Paris, 1875-1876

35 performances were given between 3 March 1875 and 13 June 1875. 13 more were given in the following season between 15 November 1875 and 15 February 1876. For the last 12 of these 13 performances Franck-Duvernoy replaced Marguerite Chapuy as Micaëla.