Théâtre Français (Edén Argentino), Buenos Aires, 1881

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Run in: Buenos Aires, Argentina

First performance: 9 August 1881

Sung in French   

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Théâtre Français

(Edén Argentino)

Address ∙ Esmeralda 367, Buenos Aires, Argentina

∙ w i t h ∙ I M P R E S A R I O ∙

Victor Dangon

CarmenLucy Privat
Don JosePiroïa
MicaelaJ. Andrée
EscamilloVictor Dangon
Sets ∙ Ferry
Costume ∙ Pratezi


Students of the local French School performed in the children’s choir of the first act. The cast also included Doyon (Frasquita), Piroïa (Mercédès), Barbe (Moralès), Etienne (Le Dancaïre), Désiré (Le Remendado), Rébelly (Zuniga), Léon (Lillas Pastia), Louis Stiger (guide). Musical direction by Rochet, staging by Victor Dangon.