Théâtre de Liège, Liège, 1882

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Run in: Liège, Belgium

First performance: 3 March 1882

Sung in French   

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Spoken language(s) French   

Théâtre de Liège

Address ∙ Place du Vingt Août 16, 4000 Liège, Belgium

∙ w i t h ∙ I M P R E S A R I O ∙

Edmond Giraud

CarmenCélestine Galli-Marié
Conductor ∙ Momas


Martiny (p. 455) affirms that Galli-Marié was in Liège for 7 weeks during which she sang 10 performances, including Mignon, Charles VI and Les Dragons de Villars, but does not say how many performances she gave of Carmen.


Jules Martiny, Histoire du théâtre de Liège depuis son origine jusqu’à nos jours (Liège: Vaillant-Carmanne, 1887), p. 455

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