Grand-Théâtre, Lyon, 1877

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Run in: Lyon, France

First performance: 11 April 1877

# of performances: 7

Sung in French   

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New production: Yes

Spoken language(s) French   

Grand Théâtre

Address ∙ Place de la Comédie, 69001 Lyon, France

∙ w i t h ∙ I M P R E S A R I O S ∙

Martial Senterre

Guille Momas

CarmenAdèle Isaac
Don JoseCh. Laurent
Director/Regisseur ∙ Scott
Sets ∙ Genivet


Genivet was peintre-décorateur. Other singers: Depoitiers (F), J. Blainville (Mer), L. Reine (DanC), Férêt (R), Sernin (Mor), Rougé (Z). 7 performances: 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 26, 30 April 1877. ‘Grand Théâtre de Lyon, Troupe et Répertoire, 1807-1897’ shows that there was no love affair between the Lyonnais public and Carmen. The opera appears in following seasons, but not every season, for between 5 and 14 performances each season, and generally brings in dismal amounts in ticket sales. Galli-Marié’s 3 guest performances in 1882 are not mentioned in this source.


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