Arènes de Bayonne, Bayonne, 1935

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Run in: Bayonne, France

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Arènes de Bayonne

Address ∙ Avenue Alfred Boulant, 64100 Bayonne, France

CarmenCelia Salvadori
Don JoseGuy Cazenave
Conductor ∙ Georges Razigade


Carmen was programmed for the same day at the Teatro Arriaga and at the Coliseo Albia in April 1935. Finally the two companies came to an agreement and it was staged first at the Coliseo Albia, the celebrated tenor Miguel Fleta making his comeback debut the following day at the Arriaga. Both happened during Easter. The Arriaga replaced Carmen with the zarzuelas La verbena de la Paloma and with El duo de la Africana.


Euzkadi, 7 April 1935

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