Théâtre Royal (Français), Antwerp, 1876-

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Run in: Antwerp, Belgium

First performance: 1 April 1876

# of performances: 63

Sung in French   

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New production: Yes

Spoken language(s) French   

Théâtre Royal


Address ∙ Komedieplaats 18, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

∙ w i t h ∙ I M P R E S A R I O ∙

Émile Coulon

Conductor ∙ Alphonse Lemaire
Director/Regisseur ∙ Minne
Sets ∙ L. Célos ∙ Bernier


Number of performances refers to the period 1876-1906; first performance for the benefit of M. Lagarde. Guest appearances of Maria Gay on 28 January, 1 February and 1 April 1906.


Antwerp, Felixarchief; Arthur de Gers, L’historique complet du théâtre royal d’Anvers 1834-1913 (Antwerp: de Vos & van der Groen, 1913)

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