Opéra-Comique, Paris, 1884

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Run in: Paris, France

First performance: 20 January 1884

Sung in French   

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Score Edition: Choudens

Spoken language(s) French   


Address ∙ 1 Place Boieldieu, 75002 Paris, France


∙ w i t h ∙ I M P R E S A R I O ∙

Léon Carvalho

CarmenMarie Castagné
Don JoseJoseph Mauras
MicaelaJuliette Bilbaut-Vauchelet
EscamilloLouis Carroul


30 performances were given between 5 January and 23 April 1884 with Marie Castagné as Carmen. Galli-Marié returned to give a further 21 performances until the end of the season, 5 May-28 June 1884. Louis Carroul replaced Émile-Alexandre Taskin as Escamillo for 36 of the performances between 20 January and 28 June 1884.


Avant Scène Opéra: Carmen , Premières Loges, 137.

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