Performance Runs

Teatro Real, Madrid, 1908

The second performance took place on 07/03/1908. Other solo singers included Gustavo Claverío and Martín Verdaguer. The engraving contained in El Album Ibero-Americano (see references) is identical to that produced in O occidente in Lisbon, 21 April 1885, 92.

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Kabuki-za (Kabuki Theatre), Tokyo, 1941

25/11/1941 & 27/11/1941 soirée: Aiko Saita (C), Takako Mikami (M), Eiichi Uchida (E). 26/11/1941: Yoshiko Sato (C), Yoshiko Nakamura (M), Takeshi Tomeda (E). 27/11/1941 matinée: Aiko Saita (C), Sumiko Isomua (M), Tetsu Nakamura (E).

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