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Essays & Scholarship

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Le beau idéal in Hungary: The reception of the modern French singing style in Budapest

At the end of the nineteenth century, Budapest – as the second largest but the fastest growing city of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – had a vibrant cultural life. The political background of this prosperity was framed by the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 and the creation of Budapest, the capital city […]

Feminist endings: challenges of operatic staging in the twenty-first century

Drawn from ‘Final féministe: les défis de la mise en scène au XXIème siècle. #JeSuisCarmen’, in Claire Lozier and Isabelle Marc (eds.), Carmen revisitée (Peter Lang, 2020), pp. 150-174. Book available here. Clair Rowden, Cardiff University Lola San Martín Arbide, New Europe College, Bucharest Perennially described as a femme fatale, […]

Mapping time and space in a transnational history of Carmen was born from a longstanding collaboration between myself and Richard Langham Smith. Work on the Peters Edition score of Carmen (vocal score, 2013) led to a ‘Performance Urtext’ which brings to the printed page not only the musical text, but also many of the details of how Carmen was first performed (for more […]