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Contributors representing over 20 countries have shared the fruits of their research on this ever-growing resource.

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Discover Carmen performances internationally by using our interactive map to narrow on a certain location or years.

Professional Practice

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Learn how operatic professionals have worked with Carmen and discover the ways in which the Edition Peters vocal score – a modern ‘performance urtext’ – has impacted upon their practice.

Some of the performances:

Available for purchase:

cover of the Peters Edition Urtext

Carmen: Opéra en 4 Actes

The ‘performance Urtext’ edition of the Carmen vocal score, edited by Richard Langham Smith and Clair Rowden.

Also available on the Edition Peters website are free resources including an extended preface, bibliography and a comparative table of metronome marks in the sources.

cover of the book Carmen Abroad (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Carmen Abroad: Bizet’s Opera on the Global Stage

From the ‘old world’ to the ‘new’ and back again, this transnational history of the performance and reception of Bizet’s Carmen provides new understanding of the opera’s enduring yet ever-evolving and resituated presence and popularity.

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Find the striking and beautiful cover image of the first edition of the ‘Habanera’ in Japan from 1917, published by a Russian touring company ahead of the first full performance of Carmen in Japan in 1919. Or examine sets of the extraordinary opera-bull fights given in Nîmes in 1901!